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NHS Charges

If you normally pay for NHS dental treatment, there are three standard charges. The amount you pay will depend on the level of treatment that you need.

NHS dental charges

The three NHS charge bands are listed below.

  • Band 1 £25.80 – this charge includes an examination, diagnosis, and preventive advice. If clincally necessary at the dentist’s discretion, it also includes X-rays, scale and polish, and planning for further treatment.
  • Band 2 £70.70 – this charge includes all the necessary treatment that is covered by the £25.80 charge, plus additional treatment, such as fillings, root canal treatment, or extractions.
  • Band 3 £306.80 – this charge includes all the necessary treatment that is covered by the £25.80 and £70.70 charges, plus more complex procedures, such as crowns, dentures, and bridges.
  • Urgent Treatment– From time to time you may need urgent treatment or advice which does not fall under the above bands.  The charge for urgent treatment/advice is £25.80.  This is at the dentist’s discretion and your dentist will inform you when an urgent treatment is being done and charged accordingly.

Personal dental treatment plan

Before carrying out any band two, or three, dental treatment, your dentist should give you a personal dental treatment plan. You will be asked to read and sign the plan, which provides details of the dental work that your dentist is going to do, and the amount that you will have to pay.

If you have discussed having private treatment with your dentist, the details and costs of this treatment will be listed separately on your treatment plan. Before having dental treatment, you should talk to your dentist about the benefits of the treatment, plus any risks that are involved.

Paying for treatment

The practice is entitled to ask for your payment at any stage of your treatment in advance. At our practice, you will pay a band 2 charge in full before your next treatment appointment can be booked.  In cases where multiple visits are required, a proportion will be paid after each appointment before you can book the next appointment for treatment.